About Us

As G7 Technology; We offer comprehensive solutions to our customers by using technology and innovations in the fields of electrical contracting, electrical project services, electronic equipment sales, security systems.
About Us

Our Areas of Expertise:

Electrical Contracting and Project Services: We offer customized solutions suitable for the energy needs of your business, with our experienced engineers and technical team, in the process from the design to the implementation of electrical systems. We manage our projects with the latest technologies and keep quality standards at the highest level.

Electronic Material Sales: We know that we provide you with our wide product range of electrical and electronic materials. We provide all kinds of products you need in line with our quality and reasonable price policy.

Security Systems: We use modern security technologies to maximize the security of businesses. We protect your business with solutions such as camera security systems, access control and burglar alarm systems.

Technical Support and Consultancy: For us, customer satisfaction comes first. Our technical team is at your service to provide you with a smooth and uninterrupted experience. We are with you every step of the way with support, system maintenance, training and consultancy services by phone or in the field.




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