Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems

The protection and safety of electrical systems is achieved not only with appropriate equipment, but also with effective grounding and lightning protection systems. G7 Technology provides you with these important services that are vital for life and property safety.
Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems

Grounding is vital to the safety of the electrical installation. It prevents the uncontrolled spread of electric current, reduces the risk of electric shock and limits the damage caused by overvoltage. Lightning protection systems provide additional protection against direct lightning strikes or surge voltages generated by lightning. These systems route potential lightning energy safely to the ground, preventing it from damaging structures and electrical equipment.

Foundation Grounding: Foundation grounding is necessary to ensure the electrical safety of a structure. This ensures that the electrical current is safely routed to ground and prevents possible damage in the event of an overvoltage or short circuit. Basic grounding also helps reduce high frequency interference and electromagnetic interference.

General Field Grounding: General field grounding ensures that all electrical equipment in a field is properly grounded. This prevents possible damage in case of overvoltage and provides a safe working environment for personnel.

External Lightning System: Lightning can carry very high amounts of energy and cause great damage with a direct impact. The external lightning system directs the lightning energy to the ground safely, preventing this energy from damaging structures and equipment.

Internal Lightning System: Overvoltages caused by lightning can cause serious damage inside electrical equipment. The internal lightning system helps prevent these voltages from damaging equipment or installations.

Grounding and lightning protection systems are an essential part of ensuring the safe and effective operation of electrical systems. G7 Technology has years of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of these systems. Contact us to get the safest and most effective grounding and lightning protection solutions.

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